The goal of the DoDevops project is to create a collection of useful tools for the global DevOps and Cloud architect community. While the project doesn’t actually have a formal community, we want to ensure a positive and inspiring atmosphere in the communication around the development of these tools in issues or pull requests.

This is why we have this Code of Conduct: it explains the type of community we want to have. The rules below are not applied to all interactions with a simple matching algorithm. Human interactions happen in context and are complex. Perceived violations are evaluated by real humans who will try to interpret the interactions and the rules with kindness. Accordingly, there is no need to hypothesize on how these rules would affect normal interactions. Be reasonable.


This Code of Conduct applies to all users and contributors who engage with the DoDevops project in any form.


  • Politeness is expected at all times. Be kind and courteous.
  • Always assume positive intent from others. Be aware that differences in culture and English proficiency make written communication more difficult than face-to-face communication and that your interpretation of messages may not be the one the author intended. Conversely, if someone asks you to rephrase something you said, be ready to do so without feeling judged.
  • Feedback is always welcome but keep your criticism constructive. We encourage you to open feature requests, bug reports and pull requests. Use these forms to discuss improvements, not to vent out frustration. Similarly, when other users offer you feedback please accept it gracefully.

Restricted conduct

Participating in restricted conduct will lead to a warning from project moderators and may lead to exclusion or reports depending on the included platform.

  • The DoDevops project is committed to providing a friendly and safe environment for everyone, regardless of level of experience, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, language proficiency, age, political orientation, nationality, religion, or other similar characteristics. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination of participants in any form.
  • In particular, we strive to be welcoming to all industry minorities and to ensure that they can take a more active role in the community and the project. Targeted harassment of minorities is unacceptable.
  • As a community developed project, we strive for consensus among contributors before moving forward with a proposed feature. If there is not enough support for your ideas, please don’t continue insisting or trying to force others into supporting your point. Features are not accepted through a voting process, so piling onto a contentious feature requests is not acceptable.
  • Aggressive or offensive behavior is not acceptable.
  • You will be excluded from participating in the project if you insult, demean, harass, intentionally make others uncomfortable by any means, or participate in any other hateful conduct, either publicly or privately.
  • Likewise, any spamming, trolling, flaming, baiting, or other attention-stealing behavior is not welcome and will result in exclusion from the project.
  • Any form of retaliation against a participant who contacts the Code of Conduct team is completely unacceptable, regardless of the outcome of the complaint. Any such behavior will result in exclusion from the community.
  • For certainty, any conduct which could reasonably be considered inappropriate in a professional setting is not acceptable.

Reporting a breach

If you witness or are involved in an interaction with another member that you think may violate this Code of Conduct, please contact the project leads using this mail address.

This Code Of Conduct is based on the awesome work of the Godot project