We happen to be in a multitude of different projects at the same time. Switching from project to project is sometimes hard as the tooling and the configuration changes from project to project.

Now in the days of cloud deployments, this can be narrowed down to just a bunch of tools like Terraform, Kubernetes or Helm, but we still felt that some standardization would make our lives much easier.

That's why we made CloudControl - the cloud engineer's toolbox (our first repository with emojis btw!).

CloudControl comes (or will eventually come) in various flavours fitting the specific cloud provider you're using. We started with Azure as we're currently mostly using that, but are of course open for other flavours.

Also for each flavour, we install a variety of features to support you in your daily work. Currently we support the following features:

To use CloudControl, you can check out our sample azure compose file as a starting point.

We have build CloudControl in a modular way, allowing for extending the supported features and flavours at any time. So if you're missing something, please get in touch and/or provide a PR.

Header image: Florian Richter - Toolbox